The Impact An Office Lighting Upgrade Can Have On Staff Wellness

Integrated specialises in implementing lighting upgrades in industries where we all live, shop, heal, play and work.

The office upgrades we carry out often improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, but more importantly also improve the overall wellbeing of staff working in that space.

So what specific benefits can staff expect following a lighting upgrade?

In one of Integrated’s most recent projects at Utilacor, the upgrade project had a significantly positive effect on the colour temperature and uniformity of the lighting in the office space.

Max Kamali Energy Engineer and Project Manager of Utilacor commented that “A staff member who had previously suffered with headaches had noticed that these headaches ceased to exist after the lighting upgrade.”

It was very pleasing but not surprising for Integrated to hear this feedback; ageing fluorescent lights flicker, and while this irritation is not always perceived by the eye, it is observed by the brain and often causes headaches. The high quality light sources we install during an upgrade provide smooth, uniform light without irritation, much easier for the brain to process therefore enhancing wellbeing.

Being able to improve the health and productivity of staff as well as saving the company in both a financial and environmental capacity are two very rewarding Integrated outcomes.

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