Visionary solutions for tomorrow and beyond

We understand the deep connection between lighting, people and business. That’s why, when it comes to large-scale lighting projects, we know clients need more than just illumination, they need flexible and visionary solutions that do not sacrifice reliability, efficiency or commitments to energy reduction.

Our turnkey capability enables us to support you through every stage of the installation process – from project formation to the delivery phases. Whether your business lies within the Commercial, Industrial, Health, Education or Retail sector, our team will provide you with award winning technology, solution development and post delivery ROI monitoring.

We know that future proofing is a priority for all asset owners and facility managers as they seek to invest in a backbone lighting design solution that meets current and emerging regulatory, stakeholder and compliance needs. Through our collaborative design approach and innovative production methods, Integrated provides owners of an existing/brownfield commercial infrastructure with a superior, sensory experience.

These improvements also lead to a reduction in energy cost, energy load and greenhouse gas emissions – all whilst complying with work, health and safety requirements. It’s through these exceptional outcomes that Integrated improves the environments of where people live, work, learn, shop and heal.

The Integrated Process

  • Research & Immersion
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Market Insights
  • Client Drivers
  • Initial ROI
  • Physical Site Visit
  • Identify Deliverables
  • Resource Planning
  • Implementation Approach
  • Project Fee
  • Project Delivery Timeline and Team
  • Rebate Estimates
  • Detailed ROI
  • Create Team
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Controls Options
  • Product and Brand Specification
  • Physical Site Visit
  • Identify Deliverables
  • Resource Planning
  • Implementation Approach
  • 6 & 12 months Reviews
  • Reporting

Why Integrated?

Asset Owner (REIT)

Latest lighting technology = increased asset value + increased rent yield + happier tenants + competitive advantage in attracting new tenants + control over their asset


Latest lighting technology = lower energy costs + lower energy load + better lighting outcome + facilitated and supported by owner

Why Integrated?

Integrated = trusted + leader + national scale and reach + quality solution + consistent outcome across sites + one company to manage it all

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