Protect Your Business Against Escalating Electricity Prices With A Lighting Upgrade

Energy has become a major and unpredictable operating expense, and many Australian businesses are being crippled by the exponential increase in electricity and gas prices.

This inflation will continue to be a burden to industry, and unless you are able to generate your own power, reducing your energy consumption is the best place to start when trying to combat these hefty price increases.

Reducing consumption through employee education and changing your business’ behaviours can be effective, however there are three simple things companies can do to increase their odds of success.

1. Upgrade to a high quality energy efficient LED lighting system.

2. Implement smart lighting controls.

3. Ensure that this technology is connected via native Ethernet and DALI.

Let’s shed some light on the facts – high quality LED’s can now operate on up to 80% less energy and will run for up to 25 times longer compared to metal halide light sources. By adding smart lighting controls, you can reduce your business’ lighting based energy consumption by up to 90% with a single upgrade, working with an industry leader like Integrated. We install systems that deliver true value, and will stand the test of time due to high-quality components, and engineering/manufacturing expertise.

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With payback periods in the range of 6 months to 2 years, lighting represents the fastest repayment of any equipment upgrade that can be performed. At Integrated, we provide clients with lighting upgrades that slash their energy consumption and ongoing expenditure. We are consistently seeing our lighting upgrade projects being paid for by the resulting electricity and maintenance savings in less than 1 year. This is an investment that will deliver immediate and ongoing commercial value.

Integrated’s full turnkey capabilities allows us to facilitate delivery of a complete lighting solution – from design, supply, installation and rebate management. In addition, the energy consultants in our partner network specialise in finding other opportunities within your business where we can save you even more money!

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GLG and Integrated have a wealth of insight to offer businesses who are committed to a high-quality lighting upgrade. At more than double the size of our nearest competitor, and proudly presenting Australia’s most comprehensive family of lighting brands, including Pierlite and Sylvania, we are at the forefront of industry R&D and global innovation.

How will you know how much can be saved and what amazing lighting outcomes can be delivered without having us evaluate your situation?

So – if you are ready to optimise your business with an intelligent and sustainable lighting solution, call Integrated at For more information head to

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