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A reduced environmental footprint for St Michael’s Grammar School

A reduced environmental footprint for St Michael’s Grammar School

Integrated Outcomes were engaged by St Michael’s Grammar to provide an end to end lighting solution that would not only reduce the school’s energy usage, maintenance costs and emissions, but would also improve the overall learning environment for students. This is how we did it.

The Challenge
St Michael’s Grammar School aims to set the benchmark among innovative, co-educational schools within Australia. That innovative spirit led to an internal environmental and Sustainability project with the goal of helping the school to reduce their impact on the environment.

St Michael’s sought a lighting partner that could enrich the learning experience and create a more productive environment for students and educators. Our solution required a collaborative effort that was truly end-to-end, from attending sustainability meetings, detailed auditing and specification development to product supply, project management, installation, savings verification and recycling.

The Solution
With a strong background and knowledge of the education sector, we have an extensive history of long-standing proven lighting solutions that would enhance the learning environment for students and staff. Our goal for St Michael’s was to optimise their lighting – making it work more effectively in both a financial and environmental sense – while at the same time minimising distraction for students, enabling them to be fully engaged in their learning environment.

We initiated a site-wide audit – fixture by fixture, building by building – and analysed the behaviour of the student groups to ensure indoor productive quality was not compromised.

The existing fluorescent lighting was upgraded to LED, which uses significantly less energy and requires much less maintenance. Equally important in an educational setting is the improvement in the quality of light in learning areas that LED solutions can provide, giving students the best possible
environment for sustained attention.

Throughout the installation and as sites were completed, we gathered all appropriate information that ensured that all available rebates were obtained. This also gave us the opportunity to check that everything was completed seamlessly and to the highest standard. Our engagement with sustainability team coupled with open conversations with all stakeholders were essential in ensuring the best outcome was achieved.

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