Department of Home Affairs, Brisbane

Working together to achieve brighter outcomes

Working together to achieve brighter outcomes

The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs & JLL Australia engaged Integrated Outcomes and Pierlite to illuminate the department’s nine story business complex, with a focus on reducing energy consumption.
This is how we did it.

The Challenge
In February 2019, the department requested its real estate representation, JLL Australia, investigate and propose alternatives to
the lighting solutions currently used in the department’s nine-story building located in Brisbane CBD – with a view to reducing energy consumption and improving visibility on each level.

The Solution – Reducing energy & maintenance costs
JLL Australia engaged Integrated Outcomes which worked to develop a solution not only using bespoke Momentum 1 luminaires with embedded sensors from Pierlite, but solving complex site access and installation program sequencing and management, satisfying the clients stringent security requirements.

Integrated Outcome’s decision to install Pierlite’s Momentum 1 luminaires and third-party sensors dramatically reduced the energy costs for the Department of Home Affairs’ building.

The lighting efficiency of the LED upgrade resulted in reducing the lighting consumption by 65%.

“The lighting upgrade was primarily proposed to significantly improve the energy efficiency, and energy and maintenance costs associated with the lighting installation, while maintaining or improving the lighting performance of the
lighting installation, with regards to lighting distribution, uniformity, illuminance levels and glare control,” said Matt Booth, Energy & Sustainability Services at JLL Australia.

Pierlite’s Momentum 1 luminaries not only met but exceeded the performance brief with regards to glare control, energy efficiency and lifespan.

“The luminaries were bespoke, including return air slots, third party sensor integration and output restrictions. The quick turnaround of this bespoke product helped to achieve delivery and installation within the onerous project timeframes,” said Booth.

Due to the sensor functionality, building tenants are free to turn lights off when they’re not needed, and can even strategically adjust the lighting in certain areas of the building complex depending on the task at hand, or the number of occupants.

“The initial feedback from the building occupants has been positive. There has been improvement in lighting levels and distribution, as well as quality,” said Booth.

Client Outcomes – Delivering quality, functionality and efficiency
Pierlite’s lighting designers partnered with Integrated Outcomes to optimise JLL’s project requirements with the right mix of lighting performance and cost-effectiveness – to craft a pleasant office environment for the Department of Home Affairs’ workers.

“Pierlite’s reputation and long standing history mitigate the risk of products not performing as expected. Integrated Outcomes demonstrated great project engagement, communication and flexibility, as well as achieving the optimum sensor control settings during commissioning,” said Matt Booth, Energy & Sustainability Services at JLL Australia.

It is through the pursuit of innovation, excellence and performance to serve our customers and community, that Pierlite remains a market leader in Australia and New Zealand for the design, fabrication, supply and distribution of lighting, controls and emergency solutions.

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