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Improved learning environment & reduced wasted cost for Assisi Catholic College

Improved learning environment & reduced wasted cost for Assisi Catholic College

Integrated Outcomes were engaged by Brisbane Catholic Education and one of the South East Queensland’s most sought after colleges – Assisi Catholic College – to provide an end to end lighting solution that would save them energy and maintenance costs whilst improving the overall learning environment. This is how we did it.

The Challenge
Demonstrating both a social and corporate responsibility, Assisi Catholic College is committed to sustainability. Our challenge was to design a lighting solution that could deliver on their sustainability targets. Other big considerations included reducing waste, and saving energy and maintenance costs, all while meeting the Australian standards (AS1680). The end goal was to create a more productive environment for students and educators.

The Solution
After discussing the requirements and needs with Brisbane Catholic Education and Assisi Catholic College, the first stage was to identify all of the old inefficient lighting. Fixture by fixture, room by room, building by building we documented all of existing lighting.

For our second stage we used our decades of lighting knowledge with Australia’s largest range of luminaires tailored for the education sector to provide lighting that improved the learning environment whilst making it more sustainable from both a financial and environmental sense.

Only the latest LED lighting solutions were specified focusing on high efficacy luminaires that use less energy, produce less heat and require much less maintenance.

Equally important in an educational setting is the improvement in the quality of light in learning areas that LED solutions can provide, eliminating flickering lights and providing low glare (UGR19) solutions that give students the best possible environment for sustained focus.

Our engagement with Assisi’s facilities team was open and transparent, all stakeholders were made aware of our schedule to ensure the best outcome was achieved. The installation was conducted afterhours during school term so that as rooms were completed, we could check light levels, clean up and leave the room as we found it prior to the installation ready for the next day.

Client Outcomes
So what did our client think? “Integrated delivered on all expectations, improving the lighting environment while reducing the wasted energy and maintenance costs.

They catered the installation to our needs and were flexible, which eliminated any potential disruption to the colleges daily operation. We are happy to have achieved an improved lighting environment for our students and staff, contributing to a more sustainable environment for the future.”

Timothy Pietschmann, Business Manager, Assisi Catholic College

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