How To Ensure A Successful Lighting Upgrade In 5 Steps

Upgrading lighting is one of the most effective methods that businesses have to help them minimise their energy bills and improve their environment for employees and visitors.

Taking the plunge to actually change lighting systems however can be an intimidating prospect for business owners, and there are a few things to understand before you begin taking steps towards a brighter and better business.


Select a lighting provider with experience and a great reputation, not just the one with the cheapest quote.

With something as important as lighting – you get what you pay for. Lighting upgrades are long-term investments, and the enduring benefits will far outweigh the short-term costs. Lighting controls are also hugely important, as when effectively deployed they have the ability to completely rejuvenate your environment. Does your lighting provider have the ability to offer dimming and or lighting controls that will automate your facility and enhance the aesthetics of your business? Check before you choose!


Now that you’ve chosen the right lighting provider – request a consultation and proposal and thoroughly evaluate what they put forward. Be sure to outline the areas/tasks within the scope of the lighting upgrade, any specific expectations and detail future refurbishments that may occur.

The proposal should include:

  • Summary of existing lighting types, power consumption, quantities and locations.
  • Detailed breakdown of electricity cost, calculated hours of operation and accurate maintenance costs.
  • Recommendations for your new lighting solution, installation costs and government rebates.
  • Expectation of your return on financial investment, projected energy and maintenance savings.
  • Rated lifespan of the new lighting and detailed warranties.


Illumination levels must be compliant with Australian standards for the tasks performed in upgraded areas. To keep yourself covered (and avoid receiving complaints about light levels or excessive glare) choose a provider who is aware and vigilant about compliance standards. Ignoring these standards often results in lower staff attendance, reduced productivity and overall an undesirable environment for those in your business. In addition, double check the warranties that will be provided to the new equipment and installation. Any business that values their reputation will ensure that if anything doesn’t go to plan you’ll be able to get the issue fixed with no further cost to you.


The best lighting providers will be able to manage the supply and installation with minimal disruption to your day to day business operations ie: staged deliveries or flexible installation options that include outside of business hours. Find out how your chosen lighting provider will manage this process and keep your business running as close to normal as possible.


Stay away from options that seem to be shortcuts or cost cutting measures. Remember that this is a long-term investment and you want things that will last. For example – some providers might suggest that you only replace the globes and not the fixtures for the lights, which in the long run will cost you more than just replacing everything with high quality parts in the first place. Try to insist on the ‘do it once and do it right’ approach from your provider.

Following these simple steps should help to ensure you get a lighting upgrade that will deliver long lasting results and efficiencies for your business.

Lighting upgrades are an effective way of demonstrating your social and corporate responsibility by raising awareness to reduce your carbon footprint, wasted cost of electricity, encouraging staff to turn unused equipment off.

If you want to improve the lighting quality in your business – we’re here to help!

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