How Improved Lighting In Schools Can Help Your Children

At Integrated, we make it our business to implement the best lighting upgrades using the newest technologies across the places where we all live, heal, shop, work and play.

It’s common knowledge that a good lighting solution is important for adults in their workplaces, but did you know that lighting has a clear effect on children in their schools as well?

Here are just some of the benefits that the best in lighting technology could be providing to your children:

Better Concentration

Great lighting improves the overall classroom environment – removing distracting flickers and colour spikes, helping students focus on the task at hand.

Better Results

International studies have found over 25% improvement in learning outcomes when switching to the newest lighting technology systems. It’s amazing what the right light can do!

Better Performance

Aside from improving outcomes for students, the newest lighting technologies reduce general maintenance (they rarely need changing) and reduce energy consumption, helping to make schools greener. It won’t be just the students performing better when you upgrade your lighting!

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