Fluorocycle: Reducing Lamp Waste + Mercury Emissions In Australia

In Australia, it’s estimated that 90 per cent of lamps that contain mercury end up in landfill each year.

Lamps are the largest single category of consumer products that contain mercury, and their disposal in landfills contributes to Australia’s total annual emissions of mercury. The accumulation of mercury in rubbish dumps across Australia also creates concerns for the wider environment, as the chemical converts to the toxic methylmercury and can eventually spread through the atmosphere, water and soil where it remains in circulation for many years.

So what is Australia doing to put an end to this deadly cycle?

The Australian Government’s accredited Fluorocycle scheme aims to increase the national recycling rate of lamps that contain mercury and therefore reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment. No small task!

To achieve this, FluoroCycle provides a national voluntary scheme in which businesses, government agencies and other organisations can join as Signatories. The scheme gives public recognition to Signatories for their commitment to recycling to help drive awareness about the program. Integrated’s parent company and leader in the lighting industry GLG is a foundation signatory member of the Fluorocycle scheme.

At Integrated we are also committed to the innovation of energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions; proudly providing our clients with an economical and sustainable choice in minimising our global carbon footprint.

Our lighting upgrades use luminaires without lamps that contain hazardous waste and valuable resources. As a result, our luminares have a much longer life cycle, require no costly maintenance routines and can easily recycled. Far superior in every way to their unsustainable traditional counterparts.

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