3 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs A Lighting Upgrade

There are a huge number of things to consider when creating and implementing a lighting solution for any space, however warehouse lighting comes with its own set of challenges.

Efficient new lighting technology has changed the way high bay lighting is implemented in industrial spaces in recent years. If you aren’t sure whether to upgrade your warehouse lighting, read our top reasons to make the change below:

Warehouse high bays not functioning at their optimum? LED Lighting is a better solution.

Quite simply – warehouses are more efficiently lit with LEDs.

New lighting technologies illuminates warehouse spaces efficiently and creates a more even distribution of light than its traditional counterparts. A dimly lit workspace is a hazard in any environment, but this is especially true in a warehouse. If any of your high bays are currently not functioning, this can result in poor productivity (due to not being able to see) and even injury in your staff!

Warehouse lighting is currently on 24/7? New lighting technology is controllable

If you thought LED lights could save you money, this does not compare to the savings you will achieve with controlled LED lighting! If your warehouse lighting is currently always on, implementing LED controls can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70% in some cases.

Warehouse lighting constantly needs to be replaced? LED Lighting lasts longer and costs less!

LED lights last an average of 50,000 hours, compared to a maximum of 2000 hours with regular bulbs. The longevity of the products mean much lower maintenance costs. LEDs have also been proven to reduce companies’ lighting based energy consumption by more than 70% – which leads to huge financial savings!

Read our top 5 reasons to upgrade to LED Lighting

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