At Integrated we understand the profound effect lighting can have on our client’s business.

We are the trusted industry leaders in intelligent and sustainable lighting solutions.

We understand the deep connection between lighting, people and business.

Our engagement is open and transparent, bringing to clients the best of expertise across energy management, electrical works and lighting solutions.

Our turnkey capabilities enables us to facilitate delivery of the complete lighting solution - from design, supply, installation and rebate management.

The Integrated Difference

Integrated Outcomes are part of Australia’s most innovative and comprehensive lighting company. With it are some of Australia’s favourite lighting brands like Signify, Philips, Pierlite all leading lighting brands in their respective markets.

At Integrated we know that future proofing is a priority for all asset owners and facility managers as they seek to invest in a lighting solution that meets current and emerging regulatory, stakeholder and compliance needs. Through our collaborative design approach and innovative production methods, Integrated provides you and your customers with a superior lighting experience.

The lighting and control solutions that we provide also lead to a reduction in energy cost, energy load and greenhouse gas emissions – all whilst complying with work, health and safety requirements. It is through these exceptional outcomes that Integrated improves the environments of where people live, work, learn, shop and heal.

Our Brands